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Welcome to marketing strategy by Otec Promotions, a business that specializes in successfully promoting small to medium enterprises since January 1983. The fact that we started in January 1983 and are still here to tell the story is unique, especially as our former colleagues in large corporations told us when we first started out that we wouldn't last 6-months if we focused on the smaller end of town. Needless to add we have seen many a social media marketing agency and offline marketing agency fold during our time in business, so we guess that indicates that we're doing something right.

Warren Buffett once stated: "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you'll do things differently." This has been Otec Promotions unofficial company motto for some time now and is a major reason why we specialize in Reputation Marketing because without a good reputation nothing works anyway.

Why Is Reputation So Important For Your Marketing Strategy?

Reputation isn't new, it has existed for as long as man has existed and it is an extension of the way you are trusted by your peers. For instance in the middle ages when a wool merchant promised the highest price for wool but weighed it on a set of scales that weighed 20% lower he would be successful for one-year, after that farmers with wool to sell would travel a further distance to deal with the man that gave a fair deal.

Result: Invariably the dishonest trader went out of business as a result of getting a bad reputation the year before.

Fast forward a few centuries to the present day and it doesn't take a year to lose your reputation any longer because it can be destroyed in minutes thanks to the use of customer reviews on social media. This raises the question of how powerful are customer reviews?

The world's largest retailer is Amazon and they don't even have a store in the traditional sense. All they have is a number of warehouses and a 5-star reputation. In fact the management of Amazon built the business on reputation and during calendar year 2013 they had sales in excess of US$155,505,000 per day. Yes per day! All of this was based upon trust enhanced by a 5-star reputation.

How Is Reputation Built In The Twenty-first Century?

We live in the Social Media era today which means we are in a world of instant communication where online shoppers have learned from Amazon that before you buy you check out the product reviews by other customers. Otec Promotions was among the first to recognize this fact and start finding solutions to benefit our clients.

The Nielsen 2012 Review Of Online Buying Trust told us that 72% of people trust a customer review as highly as they trust a recommendation from a relative or close friend. That is very powerful.

In today's market people use mobile devices to check your reputation before they commit to buying from you. Online we have discovered there are only four levels of reputation:

- Bad reputation. This is the lowest point you can drop to.

- No reputation. This is only slightly above bad reputation but still drive potential clients away.

- Good reputation. This is the minimum you need achieve to become a trusted place to buy.

- 5-Star reputation. This is the Amazon level and creates the same level of trust that Amazon experience.

The question is: What is your reputation online? Because even if you don't have a website dissatisfied customer will still give you bad reviews online and this affects your business.

Otec Promotions Reputation Marketing starts with building a 5-star reputation and then markets that reputation to the full to enhance your bottom line. We even set up an online training system to train and test your staff in the benefits of this method.

You can choose to use a social media marketing agency, build a brand, online reputation management but all of the above are commodities only reputation marketing will take your business to the next level and continue keeping you ahead of the competition.

Stop Press: Otec Promotions CEO, David T McCarthy has been recognized as an Executive, Professional or Entrepreneur Of The Year by the prestigious New York Based Cambridge Who's Who of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs. The award recognizes the ground breaking research and development in reputation marketing he has driven over the past years. The entire staff send congratulations to Dave on this well earned and thoroughly deserved marketing recognition.

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